Game Days are held every three weeks on a Sunday. In addition we also run evening games(during the summer) these are usually held every second Wednesday evening. All our games are held just outside Helensburghon the 200 acre mixed heath, moorland and forestry Natural outcrops provide wicked good sniper points with purpose built structures to defend. Our castle may not have battlements but it will sure tax your abilities when defending it.

A basic level of fitness is recommended as the runs are laid out up and down the hills and corries. Super slick hillocks can really catch you out especially when the other team is raining down fire. Check out the EG Granade Co’s pyro’s available on site, BB Frag Grenades, Thunder Flash and Wire Pull Smoke Granades can really give you an advantage and amp up the fun.

If you rent our gear you get an Electric Fully Automatic M4, 1000 B.B.s and Safety Equipment.

Extra BBs can also be bought on site. But remember we have limited rental gear so get your day booked and don’t be disappointed.

Fancy a bit of sharp shooting, our very own AttackSense target range could be right up your street. A smart system that can be adjusted to match your ability. Ideal for honing the reflexes and will definitely keep you frosty.

Our state of the Art AttackSense target range allows you to log your own progress at every visit. While our AttackSense targets provide a unique way to compete against other players within the Airsoft community, if you like gaming, You’ll love this. The Smart Targets provide wireless connectivity with the AttackSense Commander App which can be down loaded from Google Play and Apple App Store. This commander App provides immediate feedback of all your hits, misses and reaction times. There is also the ability to simulate friendly targets to add an extra challenge.

You’ll create your very own AttackSense ShooterID which allows you to be recognised every time you visit. This ID also allows your shooting data to be collected and stored with the ability to track your progress over time, allowing you to see how you are improving, what you need to work on, and gives you your competitive analysis.

So remember to track your progress you need to download the ShooterID app for Android or iOS phones and enrol into any AttackSense Active Target System. Then you can collect and review data on your shoots and view your rankings on leader boards for every AttackSense site you shoot at.


Sunday Games

Our Sunday Games run all day and registration starts at 09:30, with the game starting at 11:00. Prices includes a light lunch with tea and coffee available throughout the day. If you have special dietary requirements please make sure we are aware at least 48hrs prior to the game day. Please note if you have severe food allergies we cannot take responsibility to ensure cross contamination of ingredients.

£25 per person if you are bringing your own gear

£50 per person if you wish to rent gear from us

Evening Games

Evening games usually run from registration at 18:00 with game starting 19:00 and go on until dusk. No food is included with evening games but there will be free tea and coffee through out the evening.

£15 Per Person if you are Bringing your own gear

£30 if you wish to rent gear from us.

A non-refundable deposit of £10 is required to secure your place on a game day and the balance is payable on the day by cash or card.

Please Note: If you don’t attend a game you have paid a deposit for you may use the deposit to book a place at a subsequent game. Refunds will only be given under exceptional circumstances.


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