We’re not just an interactive experience we can supply weaponry to order. Speak to our friendly leader and he will point you in the right direction to access a world of realistic Airsoft weaponry. Realistic looking Airsoft guns, pistols, semi and automatic rifles, sub machine guns and sniper rifles. If you don’t yet have your UKARA we can also supply two tone weaponry. Check out our bundles below and have a gander at our suppliers NUPROL and iWholesales. If you set your heart on a gun you just can’t live without speak to us and we will do our best to make your dreams come true.

We don’t only supply weaponry we can also supply you with basic tactical equipment, BB.s, Gas and batteries also did I mention the Pyros??? Check out EG Grenades Co. and put your order in with us and get a fantastic stash to give you the advantage in any game.

EG Grenades Co’s pyro’s are available on site these include BB Frag Grenades, Thunder Flash and Wire Pull Smoke Granades.

Starter Bundles and Weaponry

Our starter bundles included:

If none of those take your fancy speak to us and see what other offers we can come up with. If you have a specific piece of Airsoft weaponry in mind ask and we will see what we can do

If you have your UKARA registration we can provide Airsoft weaponry from NUPROL and iWholesales.


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