Age Restrictions

Weapon Limits

The New MAXIMUM Legal energy limit for Fully Automatic guns is now 1.3 Joules and for Single Shot Bolt Action Rifles it is now 2.5 Joules. If your gun exceeds this limit you will not be able to use it in our games.

All Weapons will be chrono’d at the start of the day. Marshalls may perform spot check throughout the day. If any weapon is found to be over site limits, you will be asked to collect your kit and escorted from site.

Players using Sniper Rifles firing 350+ fps, and players using support weapons which are incapable of semi-automatic fire MUST carry an alternative weapon that is < 350fps, and capable of single shot (pistol, SMG or shotgun etc.) - no alternative weapon means you will not be allowed on the field with your sniper/support weapon.

Gameplay / Safety Rules:


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